After all of your hard work, the day comes, and we tell you that you have a cavity. With such great oral hygiene, how is that possible? Statistically speaking, those who care for their teeth and those who don’t are both susceptible to cavities. As bacteria build up on your teeth over time, it breaks down the enamel allowing cavities to call your pearly whites “home.”

Once diagnosed, it is vital to maintaining oral health to have proper dental treatments. At the point of diagnosis, we will review those options with you. Fillings are commonly used to prevent further damage.

Our treatment plans include several options to best fit your needs. Dr. Askari will assess your situation and devise a plan to get you the most effective and comfortable care available. When discussing fillings, we have several options available.

Different Kinds of Fillings

We are not the dentists of yesteryear; with our advanced technology and innovative practices, we have more to offer you in dental care. If your teeth are hurting, or if they’re hurting your self-esteem, Dr. Askari is happy to go over the many options available to you.

Silver Amalgam

Traditional silver fillings have been used for over 100 years. Although still effective; traditional treatments may not be right for you. Whether you are worried about having large metal caps on your teeth, or you have an allergy to them this option may not be right for you. Metal fillings can expand and contract when exposed to hot and cold temperatures. This can cause damage to the teeth.

Although most of our patients have no issues, silver fillings do contain small amounts of mercury. Depending on your preference we are happy to review alternative solutions for your peace of mind.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings are great because they are effective and customizable. Thanks to innovations in technology and dentistry, these are a popular choice for many patients. Tooth-colored fillings are not only more discreet, but they are also made of a composite material.

This material adheres better to the tooth meaning we do not have to do as much grinding as we did when metal fillings were the only option.

Porcelain Inlays and Overlays

For our patients who have more troublesome issues with the teeth, Dr. Tannaz Askari DDS may use Inlays and Overlays to restore the aesthetic appearance of teeth. Inlays and overlays can also save the natural tooth, which is our goal for you.

Seeing a dentist regularly for cleanings and check-ups is not only healthy for your mouth and your self-confidence. When we see catch an issue early, the treatment is much less painful or costly. Contact our office to make an appointment today. We’re happy to have a consultation with you.


Always friendly and easy to schedule. Dr. Askari is the most friendly, attentive and by far my favorite dentist! The best is that she also takes kids and gets us all in at the same time. Love Dr. Askari for the entire family!

Aimee Pointner

Dental care of Ventura has been taking care of our family and friends for several years and they never disappoint best dentist and staff anywhere if you're searching for a dentist look no further


Dr. Askari and her team are fantastic. They’re very understanding and deal well with patients who are nervous or have strong gag reflexes. Kind, caring dentists who want you to have a healthy mouth and a good life.

Tanya Brody