Osseous Surgery

When your gums become inflamed and infected, we look for signs of periodontal disease as a cause. Periodontal disease is commonly referred to as gum disease and can be serious. If caught early in regular checkups and routine cleanings we can provide non-invasive treatment options to stop the bacteria and gingivitis that cause the issues.

For others who have progressive gum disease, we must remove the infection and restore a healthy environment in your gum line to protect your teeth and keep you healthy. If you are suffering from advanced periodontal disease, we will perform osseous surgery.

Surgery is a word no patient is excited to hear. Dr. Askari is a well-qualified dental surgeon who is dedicated to your care and comfort. Our trained staff understands that you may be anxious or even fearful of dental care. It is our goal to provide safe and effective care while ensuring that you aren’t suffering from ongoing oral health problems.

Performed in our office, we take great care to customize your treatment and meet your needs. Preventative care is always best to avoid more invasive options such as osseous surgery. Regardless of the progression, there are safe and effective options for you at Dental Care of Ventura.

Treating Gum Disease

Attacking the underlying components of your gums, periodontal disease is an infection that breaks down the root of your teeth, the gum, and the bone deep inside of the gum. When a severe infection happens, you could lose your teeth or experience other health problems as your immune system is trying to fight the bacteria.

When other treatments such as scaling and root planing have failed to restore your oral health, we may use Osseous surgery as a corrective and preventative procedure. Ultimately, it is our goal to save your teeth and help you to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

The Benefits After Surgery

Although having an invasive dental procedure done may worry you, the benefits once it’s complete far outweigh any negative feelings that you have. Osseous surgery is only performed when there are no other options. It is our duty and dental professionals to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable during any procedures in our office.

  • Improved Health – Once the bacteria and decay are removed your mouth will feel better. As pain and inflammation accompany the periodontal disease, this discomfort is relieved through our surgical techniques.
  • Simple Home Care – Caring for your teeth becomes much easier once the procedure is done. Flossing and brushing are less painful than before.
  • No Gum Disease – Diminishing issues that are caused by gum disease means you can keep your natural tooth. This is important for both aesthetic reasons and functionality.

The Surgery

We perform this surgery on quadrants of the gum line. Anesthesia will prevent you from feeling pain or discomfort during the process. Working within the gums Dr. Askari can reach deep below the gum line to fill pockets and remove decay. After infected and decaying tissue is removed, Dr. Askari will apply sutures and you can move forward to a speedy recovery and healthy mouth.



Always friendly and easy to schedule. Dr. Askari is the most friendly, attentive and by far my favorite dentist! The best is that she also takes kids and gets us all in at the same time. Love Dr. Askari for the entire family!

Aimee Pointner

Dental care of Ventura has been taking care of our family and friends for several years and they never disappoint best dentist and staff anywhere if you're searching for a dentist look no further


Dr. Askari and her team are fantastic. They’re very understanding and deal well with patients who are nervous or have strong gag reflexes. Kind, caring dentists who want you to have a healthy mouth and a good life.

Tanya Brody