Tooth Extraction

There are many reasons why you may need to have a tooth removed. Although we work very hard to save your teeth, we may need to remove one or some of them. Tooth extractions are a surgical procedure that allows us to completely and effectively remove a tooth from its socket.

Severe trauma and decay, as well as infection, may warrant this procedure. Patients have even opted to have tooth extractions for cosmetic reasons such as dental implants. Dr. Tannaz Askari is our trusted dentist at Dental Care of Ventura with experience in providing comfortable and practical treatment options to all of our patients.

During your consultation, we will discuss options that will make you more comfortable during the procedure. Sedation and numbing are important things to consider when undergoing any medical procedure. Dr. Askari will review the techniques that we use and help you to understand each one before your extraction appointment.

What to Expect

Although you may fear a surgical procedure rest assured; during the consultation, Dr. Askari will assess all of your needs and concerns. If you’ve had a bad experience in the past, or know someone who has, we’re here for you. We understand that dental procedures can cause anxiety and our dedicated team is here to combat those negative feelings.

When performing this procedure, we use a numbing gel as a local anesthetic. Dr. Askari will then inject an anesthetic into the gum line. Ensuring that you are not feeling anything, the process of removal will begin.

Removing the tooth will require careful movements to release the tooth from its socket. In some cases, bone grafting may be done quickly and as pain-free as possible. Restoring the underlying bone structure is important for your healing and to avoid future issues.

In some cases, an impacted tooth can require more invasive techniques during the procedure. This will involve making a small incision in the gum and gently rocking the tooth back and forth until it is free.

The Recovery

When the procedure is completed you will notice a considerable difference in the way you feel. With that infected or damaged tooth gone the pain that you’ve been feeling will be gone too. Each person’s downtime varies depending on what had to be done to extract the tooth. Avoiding excessive pain and discomfort is the reason Dr. Askari takes so much care during the procedure.

Even with some discomfort, you will be glad that you had the procedure. As the gum line heals you will feel better and won’t have to worry about having that tooth pulled anymore.

To better care for you, a post-operation consultation will be done to teach you aftercare techniques and provide resources if any issues arise.


Always friendly and easy to schedule. Dr. Askari is the most friendly, attentive and by far my favorite dentist! The best is that she also takes kids and gets us all in at the same time. Love Dr. Askari for the entire family!

Aimee Pointner

Dental care of Ventura has been taking care of our family and friends for several years and they never disappoint best dentist and staff anywhere if you're searching for a dentist look no further


Dr. Askari and her team are fantastic. They’re very understanding and deal well with patients who are nervous or have strong gag reflexes. Kind, caring dentists who want you to have a healthy mouth and a good life.

Tanya Brody